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If you are considering purchasing a new car, TFM Salary Packaging can arrange it quickly and easily - AND save you money!

Eligible employees may choose to include one or more cars in their salary package. Business use is not a prerequisite and new or used vehicles may be packaged.

A car can be packaged via a novated or an associate lease. TFM Salary Packaging arranges novated lease finance at competitive interest rates.

When a car is packaged, a deduction will be made from your salary each pay period to cover all car expenses including lease rentals, running costs and fringe benefits tax.

Through a comprehensive buying network, TFM Salary Packaging can assist you to purchase a new car by obtaining discounted prices on the new car of your choice. We will remove the difficulty and hassles involved with buying a vehicle, saving you valuable time and money. Our vehicle management services can also give you the benefit of receiving ongoing savings for fuel and maintenance throughout the term of your salary package.

Sale & Leaseback

Associate Lease


Sale and Lease Back

If you have an existing late model car you may be able to package it under a sale and lease back arrangements.

This is where a financier purchases your car from you at current market value and leases it back to you under a novated lease agreement. If there is existing finance on the car it is paid out and any remaining funds paid to you.

This method can also release capital to pay out other existing non tax-deductible debt.

For further information on how a sale and lease back could benefit you, please contact one of our professional consultants 1300 888 870 or email novated@toyota.com.au

Associate Lease

If you currently have a car that you are interested in salary packaging, you may like to consider a TFM Salary Packaging fully maintained associate lease.

An associate lease is an agreement between you, your associate (spouse or family member) and your employer. The car is owned by your associate, who subsequently leases the car to the employer. The employer then provides the fully maintained car to you through your salary package.

For further information on how a TFM Salary Packaging associate lease will benefit you, please contact one of our professional consultants 1300 888 870 or email salarypackaging@toyota.com.au

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