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Independent Schools

For the Employer

TFM Salary Packaging has been the preferred salary packaging provider for many independent schools around Australia for over 20 years. We have developed products that enable our clients to manage their program with ease and efficiency.

Our system is designed to account for the FBT rebate and therefore enables your employees to salary package a diverse range of items that may provide them with a benefit. We provide all the necessary FBT year end reports, including vehicle and payment summary reports.

When TFM Salary Packaging has been appointed by a school, presentations to staff are arranged together with individual meetings as required. Salpac will continue to provide presentations and day visits to ensure employees are kept up to date with our salary packaging services and changes to legislation.

For Independent School Staff

Salary packaging allows you to sacrifice some of your salary in return for a benefit of the same value. By paying for this benefit with pre-tax dollars, you reduce your taxable income and therefore increase your disposable income. Some salary sacrificed benefits attract a reduced rate of FBT (47% rebate applies) and some benefits are FBT exempt. As an employee of an independent school, you can salary package items up to the value of $15,900 at the reduced FBT rate. You can also package FBT exempt items above this limit.

What can I package?

Most Popular Items

  • Cars
  • Laptops
  • Superannuation

Tools Of Trade

  • Laptops
  • Uniforms
  • Mobile Phones
  • Computer Software
  • Remote Area Housing
  • Work Related Equipment
  • Briefcase, PDA's And Calculators

My Home, My Family

  • Childcare
  • Mortgage
  • Rent
  • Relocation Costs
  • Remote Area Housing
  • Living Away From Home Allowance

Getting Around

  • Development Travel
  • Air Lounge Experience

Personal/Professional Development

  • Self Education
  • Memberships And Subscriptions

Finance Expenses

  • Income Protection
  • Investment Borrowing
  • Independent Financial Advice Fees

How much can I save?

As an employee of an independent school, you can package items up to the value of $15,900 at a reduced FBT rate. This means your savings are almost double those enjoyed by employees of corporate organisations.

After-tax savings typically range from $3,500 to $6,500 per annum for a packaged motor vehicle alone, depending on the type of vehicle and the distance travelled per annum. These savings include PAYG tax and GST where applicable.

To find out how you can benefit, please Contact TFM Salary Packaging and speak to one of our dedicated consultants. Our consultants will be happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with a free salary packaging quote based on your personal circumstances.

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TFM Salary Packaging and independent Schools

TFM Salary Packaging has been retained by over 100 Schools and Colleges across all states in Australia and is fast becoming the administrator of choice in the rebate sector.

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